Oratorio - Helen's other Alter-ego "Divas Disguised / The Singing Waiters"

Helen England with Divas DisguisedHelen is also available in another amazing format, 'Divas Disguised' (Singing Waiters). This can also involve other themes and surprise antics. Helen and one or two other equally talented classically trained vocalists pass themselves of as the unassuming waiting on staff that you would have at your function or event, then one by one start to emerge as their real personas start to show. Bit by bit a musical battle and comedy banter takes place between these amazing entertainers, till eventually you get the full crescendo of all three waiting on staff giving their all in true classical style. They take everyone by surprise and always leave a lasting impression with you and all your guests. They don't just make your wedding breakfast, Bar Mitzvah or Event special, they make it truly staggering.

They come dressed to suit, match or compliment the staff you have working on the night. Their repertoire contains all the classics that you know and would expect to hear. This very special form of entertainment is a real showstopper that is very much in demand. It goes without saying, they are always very well received, even when you are expecting them. Whatever the function, corporate or wedding breakfast, Divas Disguised fit right in. They have worked at many celebrity parties, award and presentation nights, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. For exclusive videos, a full rundown on how they work and more details please visit their very own web-site -